An Update (Nearly Two Years Late!)

I haven’t posted here in nearly two years, and a lot has happened in that time. One very significant thing that happened was that I changed my phone number, which ended up locking me out of my WordPress account (damned 2FA!) until today.

I graduated from Penn in December 2014 with a degree in physics and a degree in philosophy, then headed to San Francisco to begin my career. I was pretty burnt out after six years of school, and really wanted to figure all this computer science stuff out, so I decided to give it a try. I worked at a couple small startups and then landed at Uber, where I now work as a Site Reliability Engineer.

The jump from physics to tech wasn’t all that crazy, and it’s a leap I’m very glad I made (I’ll write about it sometime soon). I still spend all my free time studying math, physics, and philosophy, and I’m still very much a fledgling physicist. I’ve added studying computer science to the list, and have worked hard the last few years to learn computer science at the same pace I learned physics, and have been relatively successful.

I had to find my passion in computer science and software engineering. In physics, my heart belongs to particle physics. In CS, I’ve fallen in love with distributed systems, which is why I love working at Uber: I get to play with crazy distributed systems at crazy scale every single day.

Now that I have access to my blog again, I’ll be updating it every once in a while. I have some exciting things in the pipeline: I’ll be giving a talk at Velocity 2016 in NYC, and you will be able to add my forthcoming book on microservices to your Amazon wishlists early next year.



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