Series on Axions

I’ve been taking a course on particle cosmology. We had to choose a topic to write a research paper on, and, being interested in particle physics, I chose to research axions.

Axions were proposed by Peccei and Quinn in 1977 to solve the Strong CP Problem, which, in a nutshell, is that CP violation doesn’t occur in QCD but there is no reason why. The Strong CP problem is one of the great unsolved mysteries in physics, and, if axions are discovered, it will have been solved. It turns out that, in addition to solving the strong CP problem, discovering axions could mean that we have discovered the constituents of dark matter, as axions are a perfect candidate for the mysterious matter that makes up 80% of matter in the universe!

I’ve decided to write up a short series here on my blog about axions, covering the Strong CP Problem, the Peccei-Quinn Mechanism, and axions in cosmology. I’ve found axions incredibly interesting, and maybe someone else will find them as enthralling as I do!


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